School Directory
This is a list of NSW DEC (Australia) schools confirmed to be using edmodo.
School Name
edmodo administrator(s)
Est. number teachers using edmodo
Randwick Girls High School
Ms D. Livesey, Head Teacher English
27 teachers signed on, 15 frequent users. There are 97 class groups.
Davidson High School

The Junction PS
Miss Laura Chaffey
GRC Penshurst Girls Campus
Mrs Deb Hogg, Mr Mark Treacy
1 with a bullet!
Warialda High School
Mrs Carla Beattie (Saunders)
5 for T & L-at different levels of use and experience. DP trialing a Staff Communication group. All teachers are enrolled as students for PD topics that have been run during staff meetings e.g Literacy and Learning Continuum groups. Plus Eng/HSIE have a KLA group.
Cromer PS
Ms Cathie Howe
15 teachers (yr 3 - 6) with more expressing an interest. Will be running an Edmodo PD later this term and expect more will begin to use it.

North Sydney Boys High School
Mrs Donna Machado
Approximately 5-10 with more to come!

Irrawang HS
Mr Neil Fara (HT HSIE)
6 at the moment, ran first PD last week so we will wait and see.

We estimate around 150 NSW DEC schools have an edmodo subdomain.