Using edmodo to support innovative teaching strategies

Doing something a little different from the traditional classroom? This page is for stories and ideas how teacher use edmodo to support innovative teaching strategies.

Project Based Learning
Standard Based Grading
The Flipped Classroom

See also the separate page Edmodo for Student Voice - perhaps the most radical strategy of all!

Project Based Learning (PBL)

Bianca Hewes has written an extensive post titled PBL + edmodo = Awesome

Standards Based Grading (SBG)

aka Standards Based Assessment and Reporting (SBAR)

Want to know more about SBG? Some good starting places:, ,

Nordin Zuber writes: I have been trialling SBG with my Year 8 mathematics class for the last few months. edmodo allows me to:
  • Put copies of outcomes tracking sheets - with room for students to progressively record their quiz results
  • Put supplementary copies of quizzes on edmodo for students to download at home for second and third attempts (for most quizzes I'm OK for them to take them home - I trust this class to do the right thing - and I will retest them later anyway)
  • Unfortunately I can't see how to use edmodo to support allowing students to track their own grades. Maybe that's not the point of edmodo. An interesting application is ActiveGrade - I would love to use this but just too many hurdles in my Year 8 context (school firewall blocking, limited in-class access to computer). Might try again next term.

The Flipped Classroom