Using Edmodo in the Classroom

Add a short description of a key idea for using edmodo in a classroom. If the idea is specific to a subject or an age group - please write this in the subject or age group specific page set up for that group (or make one if necessary). The goal of this page is to be fairly succinct - feel free to write up a case story and link to it from here.

Quick wins

Use Edmodo to record a lesson summary for every lesson
At the end of each lesson, write (or better yet - get a student to write) a summary of the lesson. Add links to resources used in the lesson (maybe even a saved copy of your IWB work). A good habit to get into is to record the summary while still in the classroom, perhaps even on an IWB where students see you doing it - further emphasising to students what is available to them on edmodo.

Use Edmodo to record homework and assignment information
Students will quickly learn that if they need to check on work you have set, they can (and should) go to edmodo. Encourage students to post questions about homework and assignments on edmodo and to help each other with answers to those questions.

Enourage absent students to check edmodo for information about lessons they missed
If you do keep regular records of lessons on edmodo, homework and assignments on edmodo, you can insist that absent students check edmodo as part of preparing to return to class.

Use Edmodo as a platform for class. (A best practice if using mobile devices in class.)
Students log in to or the Edmodo app first, lessons or links for the day are the first thing they see.

Push out links to students
Students log into Edmodo class and links are right there. No need for them to try and type out URLs.

A little more planning required

Build a library folder for each topic
This takes a bit of planning and time, but it allows you to build curriculum for your classes to save time in the future.

Changing and Extending Learning Practices

Ask students to record output of class group activities on Edmodo
If you have a data projector or an IWB, you can then feature or review the student submissions as each group reports.

Use Edmodo to facilitate Student Voice

From simple anonymous "how did you find this lesson" polls, to creating a forum for student voice - the way you use edmodo can empower students and radically improve student engagement.