NSW DEC Resources

A page for information specific to the NSW Department of Education & Community. Please ensure all posts conform to the DEC Code of Conduct. Hint: Bagging the filter people is not constructive!

About the DEC Filter

Status : May 8th 2011 The default edmodo site www.edmodo.com is allowed for teacher and all students (primary and high school). If you have a school subdomain, you will need to contact the firewall people and put in a request to unblock your subdomain.

Reloading the Firewall Settings on Student DER Laptops

A recent issue with the filter means some student DER laptops may need to have a "cache update". Students should do the following:
  • Go to the start button, type "cmd" and click to run the "cmd" program
  • In the black "cmd" window type: gpupdate /force
  • You may need to type "Y" to allow a restart of the laptop.

Here is a set of instructions with pictures made by Thiago Rios, a TSO from Manly High School - courtesy of Kate Farow