Using edmodo in Primary School

Edmodo + ePals
My Year 1/2 class connected with a 2/3 class in North Carolina first via ePals. Once the students had introduced themselves I set up an edmodo group for us to share messages and work samples with our buddy class overseas. We uploaded a video presentation of our school to compare it to their school, we also uploaded Christmas animations we made as well as an MP3 recording of us singing a very Aussie Christmas song!
- Laura Chaffey (This task completed at Kitchener PS)

Stage 3 collaborative project
Currently 3 of my classes at The Junction PS are connected with classes from New Lambton Sth PS, Cardiff PS and Charlestown Sth PS via Edmodo. Students first met via a VC, then we set up an answergarden on Edmodo for the students to input topics they were interested in learning more about. Each class then split into teams of 2-4 students and selected a topic from the other class' answergarden. We have uploaded tutorials on how to use Adobe Presenter as the sutdents must create a presentation complete with audio, video and a quiz for the project, which will then be uploaded to Edmodo for the otehr class to view and complete. Students can communicate with their buddy class via Edmodo and refine their topics through ongoing communication. Will keep you updated as we go.
- Laura Chaffey (This task currently underway at The Junction PS)

Edmodo in Buenos Aires

My name is Gabriela Rosso Zecca and I'm currently an ICT mentor In Buenos Aires, Argentina. I discovered Edmodo in 2009 when we wanted to do a project using microblogging. Since then, we have used it a lot. Last year I tutored two online lessons on how to use Edmodo to my team and it started spreading all over. Now in my district almost every school is using it and in general teachers love it. Very soon, there is going to a netbook per child ( just like OLPC) and using edmodo will be of great help for teachers.

Gabriela Rosso ( Buenos Aires)

Using edmodo with a Year 5 class
Henrietta Miller explores "Why I love Edmodo" in her Classroom Chronicles blog. Specific uses she describes include:
  • Year 5 spelling, maths, research and thinking homework is posted on edmodo so parent can access it
  • Students are helping each other with homework through edmodo
  • Reading groups use edmodo to role play characters in the book they are reading - kids love it

"The more I reflect on my classes learning in edmodo, the more I realise we are blurring the lines between home and school. Dissolving the idea of what can be achieved in the few hours a student is in school. We are providing ways our students can authentically connect, assist, share and guide each other. Edmodo lets our students make mistakes in private. Ask questions they may feel silly about voicing in the classroom. Send me messages about homework they might forget to ask during the day. I am constantly amazed at how much time some students are spending voluntarily reading and writing in edmodo."

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