Using edmodo for students with special needs

If appropriate we could separate into section of the different needs - such as NESB, etc. If using abbreviation, please expand them so that teachers from different jurisdictions or countries can understand the context.

Using edmodo for contact with students absent from school through illness:

25 May 2011 and my Year 5 son's best mate is preparing to go into hospital today for an operation to correct a muscle shape issue in his knee! Big surgery for a 10 year old!
This particular 10 year old is a very keen student and is concerned about missing school (he's the sort of student who does extra homework on Saturdays!).
Enter edmodo and his technology teacher has very recently set up this class for use of edmodo. So we can maintain contact with Mr 10 during his prolonged absence, and it gives us both a place for him to receive and submit work, as well as a place for him to maintain contact with his friends! Sounds like a plan! Will keep you updated with how it goes!